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Angel Semi-dry yeast 5kg low sugar type, for frozen dough

FOB Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: Angel
Model Number: Semi-dry yeast
Min.Order Quantity: 17 Ton / Tons
Payment Terms: T/T MoneyGram Credit Card
Supply Ability: 10000 Ton / Tons per Month
Packaging Details: 5kg*2

Basic Info.

Shelf Life
Weight (kg)
5 kg
Swelling Type

Angel Semi-dry yeast:


  • Free-flowing particles, also in frozen state
  • Easily scaled, also via automated scaling devices.
  • Simply packed in sealable polythene bags, because this yeast is not affected by either oxygen or moisture.

  • Shelf life of 2 years when stored at -18 °C.

  • Less sensitive to cold water, because the yeast cells are still fully hydrated.

  • Easily mixed into the flour, because particle is very small.

  • When semi-dry yeast is added at a later stage during mixing, the dough including already the extra water to fully rehydrate the semi-dry yeast will be developed much faster, resulting in a mixing time reduction of 10 – 25%.

  • Two types of semi-dr yeast available: one LD-type for dough containing up to 5% sugar, and SR-type for dough containing over 5% sugar.


Frozen dough

Yeast applied in frozen dough processes should be as fresh as possible. Compressed yeast is in most cases already a few days old before it arrives at the bakery. Semi-dry yeast is always as fresh as possible, because it is frozen directly after production, and in the freezer its condition only decreases very slowly over 2 years shelf life.

In frozen dough application yeast should not be activated before freezing of the dough, because in active state yeast cells are very sensitive to freezing, and are easily inactivated. Additionally yeast cell content may leak into the dough, resulting in break down of gluten network. Semi-dry yeast may be added to the dough during mixing in a later stage, because the yeast cells as such are still fully hydrated and easily blended into the dough because the particles are very small.

Additional advantage is that the extra water needed to the semi-dry yeast in its compressed form again initiates faster dough development because more water is available to build up the gluten network. Semi-dry yeast will only become activated when it is reformed into compressed yeast. Later introduction and time for full rehydration keeps this yeast more or less inactive before freezing resulting in better keeping quality of produced frozen dough.

In order to keep yeast as inactive as possible frozen dough temperature after mixing should be ~20 °C. To reach this temperature cold water is applied. Semi-dry yeast is insensitive to water of this temperature because its cells are already fully hydrated.

Two types of semi-dry yeast are available:

  • Lean Dough type, applicable to dough containing up to 5% sugar

  • Sugar Resistant type, applicable to dough containing over 5% sugar.

Alternative applications

Small-scale bakeries present in hotels, restaurants, canteens, etc. could easily make use of semi-dry yeast, because the quantity of yeast needed can be taken out, after which the package is sealed again and put back in the freezer.

In warm/hot areas where compressed yeast is not available semi-dry yeast is an excellent alternative to IDY because cold water, and in most cases ice blocks, is used to obtain an acceptable dough temperature. IDY is sensitive towards cold water and ice, while semi-dry yeast quality is not touched by the conditions.

Recommended Dosage:

1kg Angel Semi-Dry Yeast can substitute for 1kg instant dry yeast;

1 Kg Angel Semi-Dry Yeast and 1-1.5 1kg water can substitute for 2-2.5kg fresh yeast.

Storage: Placed below -18 °C for storage and transportation.

Packing: 5kg / Bag (Carton size 355 × 240 × 136mm), 1kg / Bag × 10 (Carton size 390 × 290 × 250mm)

Shelf life: 24 months (below -18 °C)

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